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Kalachakra Desktop & Screensaver 

The desktop image of the Kalachakra Mandala is available in the following sizes:


How to install the desktop image in Windows (sorry, I don't know how it works on other operating systems):

1. Right-click on one of the images above and chose 'save target as' to download the image to a location on your computer
2. Right-click on a free space of your desktop and chose 'Properties'
3. Chose the 'Desktop' tab
4. Chose 'Browse' and locate the file 'desktop-kalachakra-mandala-xxxxxx.jpg'
5. Click 'Open', then OK and enjoy your new desktop


Our special Kalachakra Screensaver - sorry, Windows only.

Kalachakra screensaver

How to install the screensaver in Windows:

1. Right-click on the image above and chose 'save target as' to download the image to a location on your computer. The image is called kalachakra_screensaver_setup.zip
2. The file is compressed in .zip format and needs to be extracted first.
(You can download a free version of Winzip here to extract these files.)
3. Now you can double-click the file kalachakra_screensaver_setup.exe to install it on your computer.
4. You can change the number of floating images on you screen by right-clicking on your free desktop area, and chosing 'properties', next click the tab 'screensaver'. Here you can find all the installed screensavers (including 'Kalachakra') and when you click on 'Settings' you can make it move faster or slower, and choose how many images of the Kalachakra symbol and mandala you see floating on your screen.

Love & clear light,