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Yes indeed, we have many wishes - helping all sentient beings towards enlightenement being the overriding one.

On a bit more modest scale, we hope to assist Kalachakra practitioners in whatever way we can by making materials available, coordinating and assisting Practice Groups and Centers, trying to preserve the teachings and to generate a sincere feeling of Spiritual Friends among practitioners.

Many worthwhile projects are possible, but much will depend on your financial and physical support.

The origin of many of these projects can be traced on our Meetings Page.
Please see also the the list of IKN Completed Projects.
Interested members can see the current accounts here.

Current Projects
Last update: October 29, 2005
( in U$ )
( in U$)
1 His Holiness the Dalai Lama accepted our request for Kalachakra teachings!
We hope to present His Holiness with a gift, money will be needed to sponsor the teachings, tea for the Sangha, texts as handouts for students and if possible a translation of the main commentary etc.
Translator saught
approx. 700
2 Translating the text: dpal dus kyi 'khor lo'i spyi don gyi sgo nas gtan la 'bebs par byed pa'i legs bshad bstan pa'i rgya mtsho, written by stag tshang lo tsA ba shes rab rinchen.
This translation was suggested by Jhado Rinpoche end 2004, it is a precious 540-page General Explanation of Kalachakra
Translator saught
costs unclear still
3 Transcript of Jhado Rinpoche's teachings in Paris, November 2002 on the Kalachakra Six-Session Guru Yoga
help needed with editing
transcript ready
4 Stainless Light Project: producing audio CDs from detailed teachings by Kirti Tsenshab Rinpoche on the Vimalaprabha (Tibetan). Phase 1 (completed). Phase 2: extract commentary from the lung and compile a separate set of CDs. Project led by Lorraine Lester

Phase 1: 1,300 U$

Phase 2: to follow

Ph 1:
Ph2: 100 Paid
5 Costs for our website-server & domain name
approx. 120U$/yr.
Paid for 2007
6 Setting up a Kalachakra Archive of (rare) texts of all lineages - Research to be done on possibilities. Maybe photocopies/digitised texts/keyed-in texts etc.; this could be an extensive project to preserve the traditional texts!! no fixed budget
help needed
7 Developing a consistent vocabulary and format for Kalachakra sadhanas and commentaries costs unclear
help needed
limited start, possibly a separate part of the website
8 Editing existing texts for consistent vocabulary, easy recitation and proper diacritics (see also 7) help needed
costs minimal
work in progress
9 Translation of our "Memorandum of Intent" into Tibetan translator needed  
10 Making Kalachakra teachings available in audio for download quality recordings required
limited funds required
11 Fire Puja text translation and Commentary costs unclear
in progress
Your suggestion? Please contact us.
Projects on Hold
  Translation of the complete Kalachakra Laghutantra and Vimalaprabha: - note: we heard rumours that Vesna Wallace plans to translate the last remaining untranslated parts
possibly not needed?

Please see also the the list of IKN Completed Projects.

If you are interested in donating or seeing the details of the accounts, please contact us.